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Documenting the Best Weight Loss Program Ever


One of the biggest topics of interest for those looking to lose weight is trying to find the best weight loss program. If it’s your desire to lose weight, then one of the most important things for you to do is to begin keeping a journal. This isn’t just because keeping a written record of your food consumption and exercise expenditure is a key sign of dedication. It’s because any of the best weight loss programs you could develop for yourself will involve developing a proper daily routine for yourself. Your present weight is at least in part a result of bad habits. Therefore, the best weight loss program will need to involve a change in your everyday habits. Maintaining a written record is an excellent way to make sure that you’re staying committed to every aspect of the best weight loss program for you.

best weight loss programOf course, exercise—and exercise for every part of your body—will be a critical part of this program. And as far as this goes, the merits of keeping a meticulous journal are very clear. The best weight loss programs insist on consistency: it’s necessary to exercise not just once when you feel moved to do so, but repeatedly, on a cyclic schedule. Your body itself processes the world in a cyclic rhythm. So in order for your ambitions to find form and for you to create the best weight loss program possible, you’re going to have to harmonize your efforts with the way your body naturally functions.

The Best Weight Loss Program – The Role of Your Journal

By maintaining a proper journal, you’ll know exactly how much exercise you’ve done over time, and you can deploy your efforts accordingly in the most profitable manner. Not only can you note down how long you’ve exercised on any given day, you can also break down the analysis by muscle group, in order to make sure that all parts of your body are receiving attention. All the best weight loss programs insist that engaging in balanced muscle training is a surefire way to go about effectively losing weight.  And if this is true in general, then it will surely be true about the best weight loss program for you personally.

For example, in one column of the section of your journal dedicated to exercise could record the amount of cardio exercise you’ve done on any given day. But the effects of cardio training on your body is substantially different from the effects of muscle training. Due to reasons related to the rate of your body’s metabolic processes, getting a proper amount of regular exercise for key muscle groups—arms, legs, abs—could prove critical to your weight loss ambitions. Of all the best weight loss programs, there are none which can afford to neglect this point. But muscle training comes less naturally than cardio training, so it requires more conscious attention in order to carry it out properly. And this is where the role of journaling comes in again.

Of course exercise is only one of the main domains of a weight loss program. Another main domain is (obviously) food. And here, too, a journal can prove to be a rather powerful tool in fulfilling your dream of developing the best weight loss program possible. By writing down your daily food consumption, it’s likely that you’ll discover all sorts of patterns and trends in your diet which would have otherwise escaped your attention. This is natural. Some things only become clear when a broader perspective is taken, and a journal will help you attain such a perspective on your diet.

Mediocre weight loss programs won’t bother suggesting things such as this, because they focus almost exclusively on the short term. But the problem with this is, the weight loss achieved will be just as ephemeral as the whole program more generally. A strategy such as crash dieting may help you lose weight in the extremely short run, but your body will get this weight back as soon as it’s given a chance to re-establish its proper equilibrium. But the best weight loss programs don’t care for such illusory gains. If the idea is to bring real change to your body, then the strategies used will need to be just as real. And maintaining a journal is one such real strategy.

The Best Weight Loss Program – Jotting Down the Right Stuff

Finally, in addition to noting down your food intake and exercise, you could also note down personal body stats, if you feel so inclined. You could set some kind of scale according to which you can measure yourself, so that you’ll be able to see real progress being made. If you choose to do this, it’s recommended that you don’t note down these stats daily. This is because unlike unsatisfactory programs, the best weight loss programs emphasis small daily gains which have dramatic cumulative effect over time. These gains, just like your diet patterns, may not be readily apparent from the perspective of a single day, because you’ll be standing too close to see anything.

Documenting your weight loss program, then, is an important part of both developing and sustaining your ambitions. Not only does this reflect dedication, it also suggests an ethos of long term, systematic persistence over short term, ephemeral impulse. And above all else, this is a mindset which you’ll need to adopt if you wish to achieve real success in your ambitions. Appropriately, the substance of the gains is directly related to the substance of the effort. If the effort is half-hearted, then the gains will be equally lackluster. Journaling your program is one way to ensure full dedication, which will in turn bring about equally brilliant results.

If you’re interested by the prospects laid out in this article, then I fully recommend the “Fat Burning Furnace” program as one part on your weight loss agenda. It’s destined to become a key item in all the best weight loss programs due to its conformity with the standards of real weight loss put forward by this article. As you piece together the best weight loss program possible in order to enable yourself to achieve your dreams, you can’t go wrong by including this program in your considerations.

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